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Hafidh Hamzah Ghia Monday – Friday
By Appointment Only


Many of us undermine the importance of counseling in our community. It is not always the case that those closest to us at home or our friends can support and listen to us with an open heart when we are most in need. This is why Masjid Hamza offers free counseling for youth ages 13-20; specifically in the areas of youth struggling with issues and academic advice.

Hafidh Hamzah and other activists in the community are also available for New Muslims or those inquiring about Islam. It is really hard for some to be able to come to a community and ask questions openly or even those who may need help in the foundations such as prayer. Do not feel shy as we are here to help you in any way possible.

We understand that there are many other issues such as Marriage. Although Masjid hamza does NOT provide counseling for such issues, we are willing to help. You may email us and we will try to get you hooked to license counselors in our community who might be able to be of assistance.
To make an appointment or get more information email us at
**Please do not email regarding looking for a job opportunities**.
** Please do not email us to find a spouse*.