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Sister Sabah
Sister Sabah is the head teacher for the Girls and the young children. She has been serving our community for over 10 years. She also received her Ijazah many years ago and continues to be a good role model for our sisters. She teaches Quran and Islamic studies and has many different programs throughout the year especially for small children. Some of the programs she conducts yearly are Welcome Ramdan and How to perform Hajj.

Hafiz Hamzah
Hafidh Hamzah is the current Youth Director, Head Quran Teacher, and the part-time Imam. Brother Hamzah became a hafidh at the age of ten at Madresa Islamia. He has also studied under different shuyook and is currently is still studying with them. He has received his Ijazah from Sheikh Uthman Khan. He has been a teacher since 2004 – teaching alongside his teachers – and now continuing to teach at Masjid Hamzah. He has a unique way of engaging the youth and has numerous activities throughout the year. Brother Hamzah has completed his Masters in Accountancy from the University of Houston and is currently working at an Oil & Gas firm along with his responsibilities at the masjid.
“My goal is to keep studying and insha’ Allah benefit the community in any way that I can.”

Sheikh Zakeria 
Sheikh Zakeria born and raise and Egypt is another one of our part-time Imams. He is one the best and old reciters in the city. Shiekh Zakeria has been blessed with several Ijazahs, and his teacher may Allah have Mercy on him, said to him while he left this world ” I am leaving you with the Key of the Quran.” Shiekh Zakeria leads us in many prayers and also gives us small reminders when needed. He also holds a Quran halaqa for the community on Sunday after Fajr.