Masjid Hamza is not just a masjid, rather it is built upon the principles of Islam and the togetherness of a community which time and time again will come together as one. It is located in the heart of Mission Bend, close to Highway 6. Surrounding the Masjid are neighborhoods and apartment complexes, making the Masjid easy to access. Hundreds of people visit the Masjid weekly to pray and to socialize. During Ramadan, every night after Tarawee, one can see the togetherness of the community as everyone gathers around the outside of the Masjid to make small talk and say Salaam to one another. There is a sense of spirit, happiness and love that can be felt between one another. Even when there is a funeral, many volunteers come to help with the ghusul of the body and some simply stop by to pray Janaza and pay their respects. This togetherness is what makes the Mission Bend community so strong and powerful.

For a young Muslim living in the Mission Bend area, religious educational resources are something that can be reached if one truly seeks the knowledge. Often times young Muslims search for the answers to their questions, yet seem to never find the right answer. However, Masjid Hamza has provided so many of those resources and answers to those questions. Not only does Masjid Hamza’s Youth group host numerous events to allow for the questions to be asked, as well as answered. Each event is executed with precision and perfection.

Masjid Hamza also offers a great deal of classes for children and adults to learn the Quran. Classes for young children, boys, adults and even new Muslims are offered so people are able to understand Islam more. These programs also play a great part in allowing the Masjid to come together as one to seek knowledge and to help each other.

Many people argue that in recent times, people are losing their hold of Islam and its true meaning. However, many of the Muslims that attend Masjid Hamza are only exploring the countless possibilities to strengthen their faith and community.